Eagle Street

45 Eagle Street, location WC1.

This project again saw a continuation of a strong working relationship from previous projects with the main contractors Corley and Woolley. Alpine’s problem-solving abilities and engineering excellence were required to overcome some unique problems presented by the project. On the upper floors of the property, the floor-to-window height was very low. This meant that the FCU cover would’ve been mounted slightly higher than the window sill to ensure it fit in the space and functioned correctly.

However, this would have spoiled the aesthetics of the property as the FCU covers would have stuck out above the window sill. Furthermore, the positioning of the FCU covers would not have been consistent with the floors below.

To avoid this issue, our engineers devised a solution where they were able to drop the covers through the floor slightly. By moving the position of the front inlet, with a vent just above the floor, Alpine was able to achieve the required airflow to ensure the FCUs operate correctly. This innovative solution ensured that the appearance of the FCU covers was consistent with the covers on the lower floors, creating a uniform aesthetic appearance.

Services provided by Alpine – FCU cover only