Metal Supply Disruptions

The ongoing conflict in various parts of the world has led to a disruption in the supply of metal, which has caused concerns among manufacturers and industries in United Kingdom that rely heavily on these materials. According to CNBC, Ukraine has been a major supplier of raw materials, chemical products, and machinery.

Since 24th February 2022, the disruptions in the global metal markets have had a direct effect on the fabrication business. Companies like us, have had to scramble to secure supply and the prices of raw materials and alloying elements have increased significantly. As a result, fabrication businesses have to pay more for the materials they need, which led to increased costs making it even more challenging for businesses to operate and remain profitable.

To address the metal supply disruption caused by the war, many businesses are turning towards alternative sources of metal. This includes recycling and reusing existing metal, exploring new mines in untapped regions, and investing in research and development to find alternative materials. However, these solutions are not always viable or cost-effective, in the industry like Alpine Fabrication and CDC Engineering where metal fabrication is core services of the business.

In conclusion, the ongoing war has had a significant impact on the supply of metal, which has caused concerns among manufacturers and industries that rely heavily on these materials. The shortage of metal has led to delays, increased costs, decreased quality, and compromised safety. While alternative sources of metal are being explored, the shortage of skilled labor and resources remains a significant challenge that needs to be addressed to ensure a steady supply of metal in the future.

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