The Clivedale FCU Case Study.

The Building

Set in the heart of London, at one of its finest business addresses, is 73-77 Brook Street, developed and managed by Clivedale London. This ground-breaking development offers some 31,500 sq. ft. of flexible commercial space backed by an unmatched range and quality of services.

Project Scope

Alpine Fabrication has been contracted by JT3 Interiors Ltd to manufacture, supply and fit FCU covers over 2 floors. The unique art deco style bespoke FCU covers have been made to an agreed drawing, manufactured from mild steel, and finished in a Ral9004 ppc 30% black powder coated as requested by the client. The brass trim feature to top edges supposed to compliment the FCU covers, but designers have changed their mind and decided to keep it simple because art deco style FCU covers were complimenting the design of the interior.

Production Process

We have conducted a site survey, followed by the conceptual drawings, later turn into manufacture drawings by our senior CAD Designer. We make sure that every fan coil unit has the right size FCU Cover because they can vary depending on the building space.

Whenever the manufacture drawing has been approved, we would draw up a 3D render model to have a realistic image of the FCU covers. This helps designers and architects have another look at the FCU cover design, show their clients and make final changes if required.

Once the design has been confirmed, we manufactured a prototype unit and conducted a site survey to ensure everyone is satisfed with the FCU placement. We take this stage of the production very seriously, as we aim for a prototype of FCU Cover to be approved both by you and your client at the first attempt, before we start manufacturing the lot.

Manufacturing Process

FCU Covers are manufactured from 1.6mm cold rolled mild steel, or Zintec steel, however, other materials can be chosen depending upon the design. Once material has been chosen, cover blanks are CAD drawn and sent to the Swiftcut plasma CNC cutting machine – a precision tool that cuts ferrous and non-ferrous materials to the very highest accuracy.

The parts are then folded by our team on CNC Brake press. This type of folding gives the FCU covers strength and rigidity with returned flanges.

We use Armaflex internal lining for FCU covers. It has the unique capability of providing significant sound absorption while remaining completely closed cell. Aerodynamic and fan noise within the ducting can be reduced when Armaflex is used as an internal lining. Due to its excellent thermal values, Armaflex also performs as a thermal insulator which negates the need for additional thermal insulation on the exterior of the cover.

Side panels are riveted and TIG welded on the joints, these and all fixings are hidden from view, unless it is desired to have the welds on show as a feature.

All welding is handmade by our experienced team using TIG welding including fully welded corners. The Clivedale project FCUs designed to be curved corners, but Alpine Fabrication always accomodate designers’ vision and make it reality.

Covers can be manufactured from a variety of materials with the most popular being mild steel. Whenever FCU Covers are manufactured we send them to the in-house spray booth for the powder coat finish.

Manufactured from mild steel, and finished in a Ral9004 ppc 30% black powder coated as requested by the client FCU covers have been delivered and intalled by Alpine Fabrication team at 60 Charlotte Street Fitzrovia.

Art Deco FCU Covers provide a unique design feature and compliment Clivedale London commercial offices. We have had a pleasure working with JT3 Interiors keeping the process smooth and stress free. Get in touch with our team if you require FCU covers and would like us to be your contractor.

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