Belgravia House, Horseferry Road

Alpine Fabrication Completes FCU Cover Project at Belgravia House, Horseferry Road

At Alpine Fabrication, we take pride in our ability to deliver precise and high-quality bespoke metalwork solutions. Our recent project at Belgravia House, a Grade 2 office building located on Horseferry Road in the heart of Westminster, exemplifies our commitment to excellence in the construction industry. Subcontracted by Woodhouse Workspace, we were tasked with the manufacture and installation of white powder-coated Fan Coil Unit (FCU) covers as part of the building’s full refurbishment and remodeling.

Project Scope and Specifications

Belgravia House, a five-storey office building, underwent significant refurbishment to enhance its functionality and aesthetic appeal. As part of this renovation, we were contracted to provide both ceiling and floor-mounted FCU covers. These units play a critical role in maintaining indoor air quality and temperature control, making their design and installation crucial to the overall success of the building’s HVAC system.

Manufacturing Process

Our work began in our state-of-the-art facility where we meticulously crafted the FCU covers. Utilising high-quality materials, the covers were fabricated from robust metal and then powder-coated in a pristine white finish. This coating not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides a durable, long-lasting finish that is resistant to chipping, scratching, and wear.

Installation at Belgravia House

Once the manufacturing process was completed, our skilled installation team transported the FCU covers to Belgravia House. The installation process required careful coordination and precision, particularly given the building’s Grade 2 listing and the ongoing refurbishment activities.

For the ceiling-mounted units, our team ensured that each cover was securely fitted to maintain a seamless and unobtrusive appearance, contributing to the modernised aesthetic of the refurbished interiors. Similarly, the floor-mounted FCU covers were installed with precision, ensuring they were flush with the flooring and integrated well with the overall design scheme.

Technical Considerations

One of the challenges of this project was ensuring that the FCU covers met both functional and aesthetic requirements. The covers needed to allow for adequate airflow to the FCUs while also blending seamlessly with the building’s interior design. Our engineering team conducted thorough testing to ensure that the perforations in the covers were optimally sized and placed to support the HVAC system’s performance without compromising on the visual aspects.


The successful completion of the FCU cover project at Belgravia House demonstrates Alpine Fabrication’s capability to deliver on complex, high-stakes projects within the construction industry. Our collaboration with Woodhouse Workspace and our adherence to stringent quality standards ensured that the refurbished Belgravia House meets the demands of modern office environments while respecting its historic significance.


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