Alpine Source The Most Eco-Friendly Materials

According to NASA, the six warmest years on record have occurred since 2014, demonstrating the severity of global warming. At Alpine, we realise the need to reduce our carbon footprint to help protect the planet. As a result, we actively source the most eco-friendly products to use in our production process.

Alpine’s Fan Coil Unit Covers

Alpine design and manufacture bespoke Fan Coil Unit (FCU) Covers for commercial and residential projects. We ensure your FCU Covers suit your project, providing a unique design that is aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, unobtrusive, and environmentally friendly.

Our covers are expertly designed to improve the energy efficiency of your FCU, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. Our FCU Covers offer soundproofing, anti-vibration, concealed designs, and easy access for maintenance of the unit.

Armaflex Insulation

We use the world’s leading brand of closed-cell insulation within our FCU Covers. Armaflex Class O insulation has consistently been used within the construction industry for over 40 years, providing a flexible and sustainable insulation solution with enhanced energy efficiency. This high-quality insulation mitigates the risk of moisture accumulation and condensation that creates mold.

With a built-in water vapour barrier to reduce the risk of corrosion underneath the insulation, Armaflex’s Class O is the perfect choice for reliable and continuous condensation control. The fire resistant insulation has antivibration qualities and reduces noise levels, making our FCU Covers inconspicuous.

To prevent long-term losses in energy, Class O insulation is extremely resistant to water vapour transmission and provides exceptional protection against thermal losses. This ensures that no heat is lost through Alpine’s FCU Covers, thus lowering the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere. It’s been reported that Armaflex insulation can reduce energy losses by up to 87%.

Completely free of CFC, fibre, and dust, and with an ODP of zero, not only is Armaflex’s Class O the most environmentally friendly insulation on the market, it also leads to cost savings.

Cold Reduced Steel

For the outer body of our eco-friendly FCU Covers, we use cold reduced steel, a long-lasting and 100% recyclable material associated with minimal carbon emissions and waste, and an excellent thermal design that ensures no heat is lost from your FCU.

Unlike standard steel sheets that are created at very high temperatures, cold reduced steel is flattened without the use of heat, making it more eco-friendly. It has excellent manufacturing characteristics that make it perfect for forming and welding and its smooth surface and durability mean it is excellent for enameling and coating. All of these properties make it the ideal material for our FCU covers.


At Alpine, our mission is to provide the best, most environmentally friendly FCU Covers on the market in a stylish design that fits your project. We manufacture our FCU Covers using 100% recyclable sheet steel that is strong, smooth, and sustainable together with market-leading insulation that provides soundproofing, fire resistance, and reduced energy losses.

If you’d like to find out more about how our FCU Covers can reduce your carbon emissions, please contact us now.

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