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What is FCU?

A fan coil unit (FCU) is a simple device that uses a coil and a fan to heat or cool air in the room without connecting to ductwork. It is part of an HVAC system found in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Fan draws the air in a space into the unit, air moves over the coil, which heats or cools the air and then the same fan pushes it back out into the room.

Due to their simplicity, flexibility and easy maintenance, fan coil units can be more economical to install than ducted 100% fresh air systems (VAV) or central heating systems with air handling units or chilled beams. FCUs come in various configurations, including horizontal (ceiling-mounted), vertical (floor-mounted), and freestanding. Fan Coil Units are used in a wide range of applications, from small residential units to large commercial and industrial buildings.

FCU Design and Types

A Fan Coil Unit can be concealed or exposed depending on the building and interior design. Either type of fan coil units will require a FCU cover to meet health and safety, HVAC and building regulations.

Alpine Fabrication Services

Alpine Fabrication is the only firm in the UK that supplies custom fan coil unit covers to meet the heating/cooling demands of your construction. From design and fabrication to bespoke finish and installation, we are focused on delivering our customers an all inclusive package stress free.


FCU Covers are required in any commercial or residential space and benefit from a functional and aesthetically pleasing design. Modern architects and designers are generating new interior design ideas for their projects leading to the contemporary and rustic, or classic and traditional building space. Whatever the requirements are, Alpine can design and create the Fan Coil Unit Covers to suit designers vision and ambiance.

Manufacture Engineering

Whether it is a fully developed project drawing, a rough sketch, or even just an idea, our in house product engineers can make it a reality. After initial survey, our experienced team can design FCU covers to match the industrial building theme, or make it blend in with the modern interior feel, or create rustic finishes to make FCUs stand out.


Metal Fabrication

From shearing and laser cutting to spot welding, forming and bending, Alpine Fabrication bespoke production capabilities can handle the smallest details and specs of any project. Our modern technology, proven processes and experienced product engineers can manufacture bespoke FCU Covers to suit your project needs. We tend to manufacture a sample and bring it over to you for the inspection and approval before we start manufacturing the lot.

Finishes and Coatings

Our in house spray booth and powder coating capacity can handle jobs of all sizes, from the infinitesimal to the truly massive. Beyond powder coating, we offer a full assortment of industry standard finishes and coatings.


Alpine Fabrication is a complete solution to metal fabrication. We design, fabricate, and install FCU covers all over the UK.

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