Alpine Fabrication Fan Coil Unit Covers

Alpine Fabrication has been engaged in designing, manufacturing and installing Fan Coil Unit Covers for more than a decade. The comapany has been established as a separate entity from the main metal fabricator CDC Engineering a few years ago and satisfying demand of various FCU Cover projects across Essex and London.

FCU covers can be designed and manufactured in variety of different styles and arrangements. FCU Covers are designed highly based on-site measurement, with the size and style designed especially for each project. They can be designed by the designers and architects specifications, fabricated and installed by us.

Also, sometimes the older versions of convector heating and cooling covers can been damadged or dated where we can dublicate the old spec Fan Coil Unit covers with new designs and technologies. We can replace the enclosures to create an attractive modern appearance to meet even the most demanding building conditions.

Our enclosures are manufactured in a variety of different arrangements.
Stand alone FCU Covers
Wall mounted along the glass-curtain wall
Wall mounted along the glass-curtain wall with Grill Top & Inlet Grill
Stand alone FCU covers accompanied by decorational brass trim to fit the style

Stand alone FCU Covers

Fan Coil Unit that blends into the interior

Hang on the wall Fan Coil Unit Covers


Enclosures are manufacture from cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, galvanized or aluminum in material gauges from 18 to 10 gauge. We offer a wide variety of decorative finishes. Our ten stage powder coating system allows for a wide range of color options and textures. Powder coating is the most durable and long lasting finish.

Bring your unique architectural enclosure requirements to us and our talented team of design engineers will create an attractive custom crafted enclosure to complement your building needs. Get in touch with our team here or send an email

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