Alpine Fabrication Background

Alpine Fabrication is a newly formed manufacturing company that stems from CDC Engineering, a metal fabrication company that specialises in providing bespoke designs to commercial businesses. CDC Engineering has developed long-lasting relationships working with huge brands such as Fred Perry, Soho House, Battersea Studios, hotels as Hilton Group and The Lincoln Plaza, high-end restaurants such as The Ivy, Burger & Lobster, and Nandos Group, and London based architects and designers.

Managed by Andy Fawkes, CDC Engineering specialises in the manufacture and installation of staircases, lifts, and reception entrances in commercial buildings and high-end residential properties.

Andy has developed his expertise working in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. He has gained invaluable experience working in the aerospace and petrochemical industries and gained rich architectural experience from undertaking bespoke metalwork. Andy has over 40 years of experience which has helped him to deliver exceptional results on a huge array of projects.

During his time working on these projects, Andy has built up strong relationships with designers, architects, and air conditioning companies. Clients had expressed the difficulty finding FCU covers that suited the projects they were working on. Andy recognised this gap in the market and CDC Engineering began manufacturing bespoke FCU covers. Demand for FCU covers continually increased through word of mouth recommendations. In 2019, Andy founded Alpine Fabrication as a standalone company to specialise in the production of these FCU covers.

Alpine’s FCU Covers

We design and manufacture bespoke FCU covers for both commercial and residential projects. FCU covers are manufactured in-house based on the specifications provided by each client, to ensure that the finished product is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Alpine’s Process:

  1. Site visit – we survey your site at the start of a project to gain an understanding of the nature of the project and the style of your FCU cover.
  2. Conceptual drawings – we provide conceptual drawings based on the specifications provided to us.
  3. FCU prototype – we will prepare a prototype of your FCU cover.
  4. Manufacture – once the prototype has been signed off, we manufacture your FCU covers.
  5. Installation – Alpine will install your new FCU covers, or let you handle the installation.

To find out more about our process and previous projects we have undertaken, click here.

Part L building regulations

In the UK, Fan Coil Units must comply with the current Part L Building Regulations 2013. This framework provides the minimum efficiency standard for building service components. According to the Part L Building Regulations, FCU covers must enable airflow and cannot negatively impact the performance of the unit.

Fan Coil Units are often fitted without covers because architects, designers, and commercial clients want to have bespoke designs that suit their buildings. Alpine Fabrication is proud to design and manufacture FCU covers that meet clients’ expectations while adhering to Part L Building Regulations.

Eco-Friendly FCU Covers

The Part L Building Regulations document sets out the recommended standard to be achieved to meet the required target carbon dioxide emission rate (TER). However, these carbon emission targets are challenging for FCU manufacturers to achieve. By enhancing the clean airflow and reducing the amount of energy lost from the unit, our covers help manufacturers achieve the targets set out in the regulations.

Our FCU covers are manufactured in-house using environmentally friendly materials that reduce carbon emissions, while our innovative design enables the FCU to operate with the correct static pressure and minimal noise. Our innovative FCU covers utilise an internal baffle plate and are highly insulated to improve the efficiency of the FCU.

If you would like to learn more about the sustainability of our FCU covers, please read our blog.

Our Expertise

Our highly experienced engineering team specialises in creating FCU covers that will suit the aesthetics of your building while improving the efficiency of your FCU. We manufacture everything in-house to reduce our lead times and enable our team to choose the best materials based on your project and budget. If you would like to learn more about our production process, please click here.

Whether your project is a small office block or a large commercial site, we will design and manufacture the best FCU covers to be both functional and suited to your property’s aesthetics.

If you would like to learn more, please click here to download our brochure, or contact us today and request a hard copy.

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