Production Process.


  1. No. 1

    Your FCU Cover is routinely manufactured from 1.6mm of cold reduced mild steel, or Zintec steel, however, other materials can be chosen depending upon the design.

  2. No. 2
    Truly Bespoke

    All Covers are bespoke and (in accordance with unit manufacturers working specifications) can be made to the clients/architects’ design.

  3. No. 3

    Once your design is confirmed, we manufacture a prototype unit and conduct a site survey to ensure there are no obstacles within the placement area.

  4. No. 4
    Precision Machining

    Cover blanks are CAD drawn and sent to the Swifcut plasma CNC cutting machine – a precision tool that cuts ferrous and non-ferrous materials to the very highest accuracy.

  5. No. 5

    The parts are then folded on our CNC machine for accurate and production forming; this folding also gives the Covers strength and rigidity with returned flanges.

  6. No. 6
    Side Panels

    Side panels are riveted and tig welded with invisible hidden fixing welds (unless this is a desired visible feature).

  7. No. 7
    Superior Welding

    All welding is via the superior tig welding process including fully welded corners.

  8. No. 8

    Covers are insulated with Armaflex foam internally, as is the top baffle plate, for noise and vibration reduction.

  9. No. 9
    Bespoke Finishes

    Covers can be manufactured from a variety of materials with the most popular being mild steel and a powder coat finish.

  10. No. 10
    Fitting Service

    The grills supplied can be adapted to suit the angle of airflow (as desired) and are flush fitting.