The Company

Alpine Fabrication design and manufacture custom-made Fan Coil Unit (FCU) Covers for commercial and residential projects.

Your project may be contemporary and rustic, or classic and traditional. Whatever your requirements, Alpine will design and create the perfect Fan Coil Unit Covers to suit your vision and ambiance. Our FCU Covers provide a unified and unique design for commercial offices, hotels, restaurants and retail outlets. We design our covers to fit in perfectly with the aesthetics of the end space.

Whether you want to save space with concealed or hidden FCU Covers, require a discrete design to work with opulent décor, or a need standout design for an industrial space, we can help.

Each building and project is unique. Our design team will conduct site visits to accurately measure and plan out the working space to ensure a perfect fit during installation. We’ll be your guide on the project, working with you. We’re always on-hand to answer any questions that you or your client may have throughout the build and installation process.

Our Ethos
& Work Ethic.

Our work ethic is simple: we assist you in producing the perfect aesthetic environment and commercial space that is exactly as your client desires.

Our UK-based design and manufacturing teams can make suggestions based on your project and budget and will produce long-lasting, high quality, beautiful, bespoke FCU Covers that complement your vision and space. Whatever your needs, you can be assured of exceptional quality, artistry, value and service.

About The Product

Alpine Fan Coil Unit Covers are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also well-designed and unobtrusive. When you buy from Alpine, your FCU Cover will offer:

• Reduced noise levels
• Anti-vibration
• Unobtrusive or concealed design
• The correct airflow safety features
• Easy access for maintenance of the unit
• A bespoke or standard design as per your needs

We can design any shape, size, colour or style of FCU Cover to suit the architecture, specification, building and brand. We predominantly work alongside architects, designers, construction and building companies, heating and ventilation suppliers and installers, and other associated trades.

For your convenience and budget, we offer two FCU Cover service options:

  1. A fully fitted and designed service

  2. We design and supply and you install and fit the FCU Covers

Should option 2 be better suited to your project, then please be advised your FCU Covers will include a fitting kit. We are used to collaborating on a broad array of commercial projects. Our FCU Covers provide a unified and unique design that is popular in commercial offices, hotels, restaurants and retail outlets. Our Covers align with the clients’ brand, vision, clientele and tastes. Retail clients are often interested in a space-saving option. In this instance, we can design and supply concealed or hidden FCU Covers. Hotel chains may require a bespoke design to fit their décor, size and brand, or a concealed design inside a furnishing unit for example. Open-plan commercial offices with rustic, visual brickworks are currently popular and we can design the ideal Covers to emulate any aesthetic and space. Each building and project are unique. Our design team will attend on-site and measure the entry points to ensure a comfortable fit during installation and snag-free implementation. At Alpine, we seamlessly guide the project, working with you and are always on-hand to answer any questions that you or the client may have.

Our Process

As we design and manufacture in-house, we can produce your FCU Covers to the exact specification of your project and space. We work alongside you, any partner designers, architects, HVAC installers, and your client to ensure complete satisfaction with the final design and production.

This includes a site visit, conceptual drawings and a prototype of your FCU Cover that both you and your client can approve before we start manufacture.

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